Friday, January 11, 2008

Visitor locations

I just looked at my map that pinpoints my visitor locations and it's just exploded!
I remember when it only had two dots, and one of those was mine!

Drop a comment and tell me where your from!

Cheers from sunny beautiful Montevideo, Uruguay

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VB said...

East Chatham New York
South East of Albany

the finance ninja said...

bering sea, alaska!

hey doc. what is the cost of living there? for $1 what do you get? is it very affordable? any surfing spots?

prices have come down in hawaii so i might buy a condo at the oceanfront granted I get a good interest rate.

cheers, paul

Doc_Report said...

$1 won't go to far, but it is affordable.
Plenty of surfing spots up north in Punta del este.