Friday, November 19, 2010

Cannons and Cats

The big celebration for the president here has been underway. I just found out something interesting. Everyone was told that this is his 'second" swearing in ceremony (sic) even though he was re-elected in January. But also his 65th birthday was yesterday. Now I'm sure that the two have nothing to do with each other, especially the mass fireworks display last night and the multiple rounds of ceremonial cannon fire that reverberated all over shaking our windows and scaring our cats!

When I came home yesterday there was military police in the bank foyer. When I get home there is a note from the apartment management saying that we might be subjected to a body search entering our apartment building (Because we enter from the bank foyer). Absolutely stupid.

This morning I go up to the gym and see military police hanging around the patio tables around the pool. They kept staring at me as I worked out. I also saw one of the regular security guards up there chatting away. Then some suits came up and I saw the security guard jump to his feet. I aslo noticed that there was cops pretty much on every roof top within my view. Crazy.

To say the least I'm not going up to the pool for those guys to stare at me. I was thinking about going up there with my camouflage bush hat, my Motorola radio and my binoculars and freaking them out.

Interesting OpEd

Book Corner - Finished Reading

The Hard Way by Lee Child
384 pages
Thriller novel/Reacher series

So this is my second Reacher book I've read by Lee Child. This one was much better and closer to what I expected from the main character. Still the book was a bit off and confusing but overall I enjoyed it.

Overall the Amazon reviews were pretty positive. Most of the readers were fans of the main character and had read other books. I think this one was a later novel.