Sunday, December 6, 2009

Buddha's Gone

There is a big Buddha statue as you enter the office building that leads to our apartment. Yesterday it was removed.

I have my theories.

Was it removed to be cleaned? Maybe? But, there are many Christmas tree's springing up throughout the office building. In fact I wanted to get a picture that would have shown Buddha and a Christmas tree in one frame. I wanted to show the irony more than anything.

So, is it possible that the office management removed the Buddha statue so not to conflict with one faith over the other? I don't know. Maybe it was removed just to be cleaned, LOL, who knows/

The Light Show

One thing I have to say bout living here is that good ol' mother nature does put on a good show for us. Although I haven't woken up early enough to see the sunrise apparently it' quite beautiful, I do routinely see the sunset which is always fantastic.

But when the sun comes down the new show starts, the heat lightning and just plain old lightning that lights up the sky. It's pretty neat as there are no obstacles out in the ocean to distort your view so you can see the lightning from one end to the other.

Sometimes you can see the ocean lit up from the lightning, it's pretty neat.

11:43AM Sunday, December 6th

I see that some snow had fallen in Northern Virginia today, and it's chilly back home in Virginia Beach. Stark contrast to the weather we have been having in Colombo!

Scattered clouds. Warm. 88 °F
Scattered clouds. Warm.
Distance:17 mi from Colombo
Description:Scattered clouds. Warm.
Temperature:88 °FComfort Level:94 °F
Wind:8 mph from 30° North-northeastDirection South-southwest
Last update:Sun 10:40 AM IST