Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I missed what must have been a really cool site as the QE2 was on the
horizon on it's fair well tour. It pulled into port but I don't think
many people knew that either.

Cruise ships in port

I meant to mention the other weekend the city hosted 3 cruise ships.  One of them was HUGE, the Star Princess (Princess lines of Love Boat fame).  Let me tell you this ship looked like an aircraft carrier pulling into port!  Maybe bigger.
Of course with cruise ships, thus tourists!  And where to tourists go?  The mall, I don't know why.  I went to the mall for some items and you could definately pick out the tourists from the shoppers!

A slow day

Wow, the day started off with a bang.  Stayed busy until 12:00, then I don't know what happened.   These last 6 hours have been painful!
Ever have one of those days!