Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bought my first art

Well that's not entirely true as we haev plenty of art, that's ours, but Chris picked them out. This one I picked out at the mercado del puerto. There are artists everywhere, this guy is setup inside the market. Usually the father is doing the selling, this time it was his son. I got a small piece done in pencil, crayon and paint. It's of a corner in the old city that captures tha architecture of the buildings and has a vendor and busses. I liked the busses.

It only cost $25 which was a deal. I'll take a photo of it sometime

More Bus Fun

Just when I barely got the "transbordo" thing down, we get on a bus and ask the guardo (Fair taker, some busses have them some don't, otherwise the driver takes the money and issues the ticket) for dos transbordos. Well out print the tickets and I look at them and don't see the word transbordo on them, so I hand them to him and explain that I wanted 2 transbordo tickets. He then points out the word "hora" (Hour) and that the passes are good for one hour. On the next bus I hear the guy in front of me say to the driver "un hora", and I realized, out goes transbordo tickets, new thing is 1 hour and 2 hour bus passes that allow you to ride on the same bus line as many times within 1 or 2 hours.

The comun (Common=regular) ticket is what you would usually get if you don't ask for something else.