Friday, May 2, 2008

My walk to work on the windy day

I meant to mention the other day that I said it was very windy I had a
fun walk to work, I was sandblasted! In fact the next day I realized I
had sand in the pockets of my jacket :-D

Happy Primero de Mayo

May 1st, in our part of the world, Primero de mayo or International
Labour Day, actually worldwide it's Labor Day. So, if we were in the
United States what would be going on right now? Sales come to mind?
Crowds at the mall and newspapers full of advertisements? Here,
everything is closed.

Usually there is a decent amount of traffic passing by our apartment in
the morning, not this morning, the city looks like a ghost town!

This means there's going to be a party across the street at the golf
course club house, and the party will probably continue till the wee
morning hours again!