Friday, January 23, 2009

No cinema!

What? Just a Doc Report blast from the past. I just finished watching
a movie online and the quality was pretty bad, somebody had videotaped
it inside a theater. I remember when I was in the Marines and we would
but bootleg VHS tapes in Okinawa and when we watched them sometimes you
would see someone get up and walk past the camera.

So whats with the subject line? When I was in Jeddah there was a kid
was selling DVD's at the housing compound community center. About $5
each (In Ho Chi Minh City $1 for bootleg DVD's, not that I am condoning
that). I was trying to figure out a way to ask the kid if they has been
videotaped in a theater, I pretended like I had a video camera and he
enthusiastically says to me "No cinema!"

Now today was a HOT day!

95 degrees! Hot and sunny! Wow, what a scorcher. Now, 10:30PM, nice
cool breeze coming through the window. Wish I could go to Punta del
Este with my boogie board and catch some waves :-)

I saw on the news that the largest cruise ship in the world is in Buenos
Aires and will be coming to Montevideo. Think I need to Google that so
I can watch it pull in.