Friday, January 11, 2008

Se habla

I had the toughest time in my Spanish class yesterday!  Part of me wants to learn as much as possible, the other part just gets confused and tired of it!
When I first got here Chris and I would always ask for someone to call a taxi for us, in fact almost everywhere you go someone will call a taxi, i.e. the host or cashier etc.  I learned how to ask someone to call a taxi for me in Spanish, but then it occurred to me, I can go one step further!  I can learn what to say when you call the taxi company!  Big difference though speaking to someone on the phone versus face to face, but guess what, it's pretty easy.  After I made my first call I realized how easy it is and I do it all the time :  )
So what do I say?  Un taxi para (And my home address) - "A taxi for ,,,) and that's it, that simple.  Of course a gracias and ciao afterwards, but no big deep confusing conversation!

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