Monday, June 18, 2007


Just got a email from my coworker, didn't look at his itinerary very well.  21 hours to Virginia!  Ouch!

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This blog thing is working out pretty good!  I created a nickname for my blog publishing email address, blog, all I have to do is type blog in the "To" line, a subject line, my text and send.

Anyhoos' ,my 24 rant.

24 the show that is.  I've watched series 1,2, and 3, currently working on the 4th.
Funny thing is all the security mistakes they make on that show, especially allowing cellular phones in this "secure" building that and there is no secure entrance or exit points.  Seems all people ever do is just walk into the building.  I also think it's funny how cell phones work anywhere and everywhere on that show!

Building a website is a piece of cake.
Yahoo! Small Business gives you all the tools to get online.

Publish by email

Blogging by email test

Works great, I like it!

Caved in

Although not officially my first attempt at blogging, this is to announce that I have finally caved in. I realized that I do have lots of thoughts that I wanted to email on my Doc Reports but they slipped by the wayside.

Anyways, be looking here!