Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tornado's in Virginia

Yesterday tornado's touched down in Suffolk, Virginia and parts of
Chesapeake, Virginia and did considerable damage. In all my years of
living in the area there was never any tornado's. hurricanes yes, maybe
the occasional waterspout, but nothing like this.

If you follow this link there is a really neat video of the twisters.

So far 200 injuries, thankfully no deaths.

Crazy windy day

Yet another crazy windy day here in Montevideo. The weather forecasts
indicates 21MPH, but I'm sure that is sustained winds and not gusts. By
3PM the winds are supposed to increase to 38MPH!

It's going to be an interesting walk to work!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Stray Dogs

montevideo dogs
Montevideo is a city of dogs, well, dog lovers. I hardly see small
dogs, mostly big dogs and you have to remember that most if not all of
the people that live in my end of city live in apartments.

So, the last place I lived, Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), was full of stray
cats, everywhere, cats.

Here, I rarely see a stray cat, maybe once since I've been here, but
dogs on the other hand, everyday. Unfortunately most of the stray dogs
I see have collars. Why is that? Because about 90% of the people with
dogs "walk" their dogs without leashes. I'll give them kudos for well
behaved dogs, but it's that 10% which haven't learned that walk away and
don't come back.

Book Corner - Finished Reading

straight into darkness
Straight Into Darkness by Faye Kellerman
418 pages

In typical Doc Report book reporting fashion I can say that this wasn't
the best book I've read, but not necessarily the worst. It's about a
series of murders in Germany between the wars. It's pretty easy to get
lost in the different characters in the book. By the end of the book, I
was completely lost, thought I would be surprised at the revealing of
the killer, only I couldn't remember when this person was even
mentioned, LOL.

There is a movie by the same name, but it's not related to the book.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Daddy 29 Web Hosting

One of my many side projects is maintaining a few informational web sites, they're not worth mentioning. Part of maintaining a website is finding a good web host and believe me there are plenty and they all have different plans and different prices and you don't know what to expect.

By chance I stumbled on the hosting plan they offered almost sounded to good to be true! I contacted them and the owner assured me that it wasn't a gimmick.

I signed up and had them hosting my web sites immediately and I couldn't believe the service! When I had problems they were just an email away. I had a problem with something I had deleted from a web site and they were willing to retrieve it from backup, I was amazed!

The courtesy and professionalism extended by Daddy 29 goes above and beyond the call of hosting : )

They also offer some great prices on turnkey websites for any web entrepreneurs.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Random 1

First I have to preface this with the commercials on TV here are aired in Spanish so usually I know pretty little about what they are saying.

I noticed a trailer for a show called Random 1, I had no idea what it was about, figured that it was a reality show and that's about it.

So I was watching A&E last night and thought I'd see what it's about, and was I ever glad I did.

What you have are two friends who pick a random person who needs help, usually homelessness and addiction or both and through grassroots philanthropy try to help them if they want help.

They are both tough and gentle on these people. It's a little more in depth than what I can go into, but it's definitely worth watching.

Unwitting icon of Vietnam War brings message of forgiveness

This is a really good story. This takes forgiveness to a whole new level.

read more | digg story

Sunday, April 20, 2008

smoke update

Since the last time I posted the smoke really rolled in. When we open
the patio door the smell immediately hits you! We didn't go out or let
the cats out all day. Eventually I did go to the store, didn't seem so
bad at street level.

Smoke covers Montevideo

Video I took in front of our apartment yesterday around 18:30 our time.

The smoke returns

smoke from argentina
Yech, the smoke has returned in force! Yesterday it wasn't so bad
towards the afternoon, this morning I could smell a little bit in the
air and just make out a cloud rolling in from the north (Argentina).

Low and behold, it's here. We have all of the windows shut, Chris has
been coughing and wheezing, it's nasty.

Attached is a photo I took from our balcony.

Book Corner - finished reading "Fast Food Nation"

fast food nation
Just finished "Fast Food Nation", what an eye opening book. The author
has his critic's, as does any author, but I'm going to place my money on
his facts, which are pretty scary, especially about the meat packing

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The smoke returns (Montevideo, Uruguay)

the smoke from farmers burning fields in Argentina comes to Uruguay

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Got smoke?

The city was covered in a smokey haze yesterday and somewhat today. The cause? Argentine farmers burninf feilds for grazing. Apparently it was really bad in Buenos Aires.

This morning on my way to work I noticed the sun was orange, wish I had my camera would have made a great pic.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Neat Doc Report Facts

I use Google webmaster tools to keep track of the performance of my blogs and web sites.

Here is some facts I found out about my blog and how it shows up in Google searches:

Great bands of the 70's's&hl=en

The world is yours tattoo

and of course

doc report

World record BBQ in Montevideo

Go figure, a world record event happening in the city that I live in and I didn't know about it. My coworker did, but news passes slowly around here.

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay - One of South America's smallest countries proved on Sunday it can hold the biggest barbecue in the world.

Some 1,250 Uruguayan grillmeisters sizzled up 26,400 pounds (12,000 kilograms) of beef Sunday, beating a 2006 record set in Mexico.

"It's all so beautiful. It's a record," Guinness World Records judge Danny Girton said after the chefs, in white hats and aprons, smoked and barbecued their way into the record book with help of 6 tons of charcoal and 1,500 metal barbecue stands.

The barbecue was so big that firefighters were called in to light the grills and make sure the flames did not get out of hand. It beat the previous record of 17,600 pounds (8,000 kilograms) of beef, Girton said.

Uruguay, a ranching and farming nation, last year exported more than US$1 billion (euro630 million) in beef — its chief export.

The load of meat cooked Sunday set off swirling clouds of aromatic smoke, as 20,000 spectators devoured the cuts quickly.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

es picante

Chris Knight, hot peppers
We went to the Saturday open air market (Ferria) this morning to get
veggies and such. We found some wonderful red peppers and asked if they
were hot (picante), and the vendor said "muy picante!", good, we like that.

Tonight Chris is in the kitchen and she shows me one on the peppers and
said, "We should have got the smaller peppers, I had one and they aren't
hot at all", so she aims that pepper at my mouth and I take a big bit
and the steam whistle blows from my ears! I look at her and said "These
have a pretty good kick to them" (Understatement), to that Chris
finishes the pepper and says "No they don't", 2 seconds later her eyes
lit up. Unfortunately it made her rather sick as she has stomach problems.

Now would you chomp on one these peppers?

Stupid cat tricks

Chris just showed me a new trick our latest addition to the household
can do. See, we have a small patio with potted plants on it. We keep
the gated door shut so that cats, well, just one cat can't get out
there. There is about a 3" gap between the door and the floor.

This morning Chris had noticed that some of the plants had been dug up,
sign that Tawney had been there, but how?

Much to her surprise she saw Tawney on the back patio batting around a
cat toy. As it turn out, Tawney can turn herself in to a kitty pancake
and slide under the door. Chris demonstrated this by tossing a cherry
tomato onto the patio, Tawney's eyeballs lit up and within a minute she
squashed herself under the patio door to get to her prize.

I have to admit it was pretty funny, but I do hope Tawney fattens up
soon so she doesn't fit under the door! :-D

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Brother can you spare a peso?

The Uruguyan peso is eating up our good ol' dollar these days! The
current exchange rate is 19.45 UYD to the USD, yech! We have a jar full
of peso coins, probably could pay for a small vacation by now!

Now I really second think having a big fat chivito sandwhich at 100
pesos a pop, yeah, that's a $5.00 chivito, a really good, meaty, juicy,
$5 chivito.

Ymmmmmm, chivito!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Getting cooler

I was going to write how it's getting cooler here, but mostly at night.
Today it was 80 degrees : )
It was also very windy. I woke up and I could hear the wind howling and
see the palm trees branches bending this way and that.
We didn't go to the beach as with the wind we would have been
sandblasted :-D

Cat food dilemna

There has been no cat food in the pouch for well over two months now.
The cats have not been happy. Chris has been giving them the occasional
can of tuna fish and that has keeps them content in the meantime.

Not only is there no Wiskas pouch, but nor is there Wiskas in the can.
The grocery store had some strange cat food in the can that I tried with
the cats and they showed there displeasure fairly quickly.

The cats haven't run away yet!

Book Corner

Finished reading:

Ops Center by Tom Clancy, I've never read a Tom Clancy novel, this one
was pretty good, but I don't see me reading anymore. I always thought
that Clancy novels were to cliche'.

Sandbox - various writers -, blog entries by soldiers in
Iraq and Afghanistan.

Speaking of Iraq, they've had some pretty bad days in my old stomping
grounds, the Green Zone. This weekend, 2 killed and 17 wounded, that's
4 Americans killed there in as many months : (

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Transient families

As I walked to work yesterday I went over the hill as I usually do but this time as I came to the top I looked and there were several transient families camped out in the grass.

They come from the interior of Uruguay and Argentina during the summer mostly to panhandle.
As the season ends, they return. Not exactly sure how they return, I can't imagine them walking, but maybe they do.

Remains ID'd as missing Ohio soldier's

Nothing to do with Uruguay or being an expat, but I felt that this shouldn't be brushed under the rug.

This soldier has been missing since 2004, but the Army never gave up it's search for him.

Article from my hometown paper.