Monday, January 30, 2012

Book Corner - Finished Reading

Naked by David Sedaris
224 pages

This was a very funny book, but very much on the strong rated "R" side. I wouldn't recommend this book unless you know what your getting yourself into.

Book Corner - Finished Reading

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
372 pages

By far one of the best books I have read in awhile. As I do a horrible job with book reviews I have copied this from Amazon:

Khaled Hosseini's bestselling debut novel THE KITE RUNNER told of the bond and betrayal that linked two young Afghani boys, and showed how their personal and political history affected their lives and the lives of their children. In his second novel A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS Hosseini shows the tenuous alliance made between two Afghan women who are both married to the same brutal older man. Miriam, an illegitimate daughter, is 15 when she is married to Rasheed. Years later he takes another wife, the orphaned 14-year old Laila. Together, the two women, subjugated by culture and circumstance, must find a way to survive and protect that most-precious of commodities: hope.

One of the few times I'll say not just a good read, but a must read.

Book Corner - Finished Reading

Nikon D3100 For Dummies by Julie Adair King
384 pages

I breezed through this book and really enjoyed it. The author does an excellent job explaining the numerous settings on the Nikon D3100.

I was able to adjust my camera to take some interesting shots.

I would say this is a good read for any D3100 owner.

Book Corner - Finished Reading

The Last Oracle: A Novel (Sigma Force, No 5) by James Rollins
434 pages
Adventure Thriller

Wasn't the best book I've read, wasn't the worst.