Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Waiting on the rains

rain in Montevideo
We are supposed to get some real heavy rains and strong winds tonight and tomorrow:

But all in all the country as a whole, especially Argentina, can use it.  Don't know if you have read the news reports about the cattle industry is suffering in both countries because of the drought.

Most excellant movie

It's rare for me to give a move that rating, as my ratings go there are:
5 minute movies: I can only watch 5 minutes of it
Suffer movies: Not exactly a 5 minute movie but I'll suffer through it
OK: Better than a suffer movie, it was OK
Meh: (See OK)
Pretty Good: I enjoyed it
Most Excellant: Two thumbs up and will watch it twice.

What movie was that?  The HBO flick with Kevin Bacon - Taking Chance

Look, I know, liberal media slant aside and all of that, but it really was a good movie.  As a former Marine I found it technically superb, Kevin bacon played a Marine Lt. Colonel perfectly.  
Click on the link to find out more about the movie.

I highly recommend it.