Monday, June 16, 2008

Facebook me Facebook you

I know your dying to ask, do I have a Facebook profile? Yes, I admit I have a Facebook but I'm not really into the whole Facebook thing. I have bumped into a few friends and of course coworkers, but not much more than that. Haven't installed any of the applications (Do you install them?) or answered any of the questions I get bombarded with, maybe I will later.

I'll put a link to my Facebook profile later.

The winds of change

This past weekend was windier than ever here, sustained winds of around 32-37mph almost the entire weekend, which made for plenty of whistling windows and howling winds.
This morning on my way to work I noticed plenty of palm leaves had fallen down, makes sense.

Book Corner - Finished Reading

Battle Born by Dale Brown
576 pages

This is the second Dale Brown book I've read, the first being 'Storming Heaven'. Much like the previous book I read by the author it's chock full of pilot jargon, forcing me to Google some of the terms, I mean, what exactly is "angels eleven"?

It was a pretty long read!

But back to the book, not bad, a bit far fetched, but interesting. South Korea attacks North Korea in a planned effort to reunite the country, the USAF steps in with a secret weapon to prevent an all out nuclear war.