Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Sri Lanka Elections

Tuesday is going to be a big day here, the presidential elections. It's also going to be a big mess.
I won't go into all of the details, it's all out on the web, it's just going to be a mess, such that there will most likely be a city wide curfew imposed on Wednesday when the results are announced, it won't make a difference.

When we went to the supermarket today it was rather apparent that it was a little bit more busier than usual. We came to the conclusion that people were stocking up for the curfew.

Hoping that it doesn't turn violent.

The Big Green Meanie and Boots

I have always meant to blog someday about two, well actually three, items that have stood the test of time. That would be my Jeep brand luggage and my Hi-Tec hiking boots.

I bought the two piece Jeep luggage back in 2000 before going to Sarajevo. I think it cost around $50 or so. Since Sarajevo it has been everywhere with me and aside from a torn outer seem that is only cosmetic I have had no problems with it at all. The handles have never broken, always slide in and out easily and the zippers have never torn or broke. I have stuffed these suitcases to the breaking point on more than one occasion.

They aren't the most attractive luggage, but they are durable and olive drab green, thus the "Big Green Meanie". I never miss them on the luggage carousel at the airport.

On the other hand we have gone through quite a few pieces of luggage. Most recently a rolling duffel bag purchased off of eBay sustained a broken liner (Probably it was only cardboard, who knows) on it's maiden trip. More expensive luggage we own have had multiple parts pieces broken.

And my Hi-Tec boots. I bought these on sale for $25 in December 2004 before going to Baghdad. I envisioned, and correctly so, lots of walking around and time on my feet. I wanted something comfortable. The best thing about these boots when I tried them on was that they fit. I have a hard time finding comfortable shoes that fit me well, but these were spot on.

I pretty much wore those boots everyday when I was in Baghdad.

Now fast forward to 2010. I still have the boots and amazingly the same boot laces! They are beginning to look a tad bit worn and there have been multiple threats from my wife to throw them out but they still get used at least once a week and I like to where them on long walks.

I know when I was in the Marines Hi-Tec also made a pair of combat boots that were supposed to be the most comfortable combat boots around. But the Marine Corps being the Marine Corps if you could get away with wearing them was a different story.