Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Expat Cats

My wife says that I don't blog often enough about the cats. I'm not exactly sure how many blog posts constitutes blogging enough about the cats, but here is one.

We have two cats that have traveled to Uruguay and went from outside cats to apartment cats, back to the U.S.A. for a taste of outdoor life again, then back into a pet kennel for the long trip here to Sri Lanka to be apartment cats again. Actually one of them was able to ride in the cabin to Frankfurt and even got a kitty boarding pass.

I'd say all in all they have accepted their fate well enough. Cricket, the older cat has always been more comfortable indoors so it's no big deal to her. Feral, as her name implies loves the outdoors.
The apartment has it's fair share of doors and mirrors and the master bathroom has all of that and a big window.

Feral is pretty sure that sooner or later if she stays in the master bathroom we are going to open one of the doors and there will be a big green lawn and trees. So she stays perched on the dresser in the bathroom (Oddly enough we have a full sized dresser in the bathroom) and waits for that moment.

They both want to pounce the crows that tease them from our balcony, they wait crouched down and ready to attack, but we can't let them attack them less they will use up all of their nine lives.

Pictured: Feral hiding under the table and Cricket looking at the crows.


I've had a rash of comment SPAM lately which kind of surprises me. I don't understand someone going through all of the trouble to complete the CAPTCHA for the off chance that I would publish the comment (SPAM).

There are hacker spammers out there with programs that can bypass the CAPTCHA which I think is most likely the case.

But I just wanted to thank the anonymous commenter who left me a post recently regarding my mini-vacation to Beruwela : )