Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pictures Posted

I've posted some pictures on my Facebook account. I will also upload them to my Picasa account soon.

This is your opportunity to "Friend" me on Facebook is you wish : )

Big Shopping Day

Today I decided to go buy a new pillow. The temporary ones supplied by the company are like airline pillows. I grabbed a tuk tuk to Arpico which is considered the Wal Mart of Colombo.
The tuk tuk driver told me that today was a Poya day, full moon Buddhist holiday, thus lack of traffic etc. Most Buddhist go to the temple today to pray etc.

Arpico was pretty much what I expected, I'd say a decent selection of items. Thankfully they did have several pillows to choose from and I bought a nice feather pillow for 585 Rupees. I also picked up some cleaning supplies.

The tuk tuk driver told me he would wait for me, and there was a parking lot just for that. That being tuk tuk drivers waiting for their passengers to return.

Given between letting me pay him for the one way ride and sending him on his way to drive up and down the streets looking for a fare or sitting in the parking lot and and having a guaranteed fare back, he would gladly do that. He didn't tell me how poor he was, in fact h showed me a picture of his son and some friendly chit chat, nothing more.

Feeling Better

So I'm feeling much better after yesterdays food poisoning incident. Still irked that the hospital really did nothing for me. In fact they gave me a blood pressure test and I looked at the numbers and thought that they looked high, the doctor asked me if I had high blood pressure and I said no, that was that, nothing else. So I look at the numbers this morning and they were scary high! Any good doctor would have told me to get it checked out! Now I'm more scared of my blood pressure than any food poisoning.

I am going to watch what I eat, less sodium, etc. I'm going to see about seeing a REAL doctor about what can be done, or even if I have it all.