Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Monk Parakeet's - the little green birds you almost never notice

I've meant to mention the green parakeets we have here.  You can walk by a flock of them on the grass and never notice them, gee wonder why?
I've heard different takes on them, some saying that they are not parakeets at all.  I Googled them and came up with this Wiki entry.
The picture sure looks like them!

Fireworks Christmas eve in Montevideo

Here is a video I took Christmas eve from my apartment balcony. Turn up your speakers to get the full effect, no this isn't Baghdad during the "shock and awe" attack!

Oh, I am going to try not to post a million YouTube videos on my blog unless they are relevant.

Marine punished for talking to media, family says

A former Marine drill instructor convicted of abusing 23 recruits has been punished for giving a news interview from the brig, his family says.Unfortunately the things that this DI did happens all the time.

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