Saturday, January 19, 2008

Turning heads

One funny thing about going out in the city or going for a walk is
watching people turn their heads when we come their way. Why? Because
we're speaking English. Can't hide that here. And when I go to the
store and use what little espanol I know everyone knows that I'm a
"gringo" because of my accent, so that turns heads. It doesn't bother
me, kind of funny actually : )

The great bands of the 70's

You know what I like about many of the bands from the 70's? They had
those great three word names that made neat acronyms and you just
referred to them by that. For instance?

LRB - Little River Band
CDB - Charlie Daniels Band
ARS - Atlanta Rhythm Section

And those that didn't you could just refer to by their last name.
For instance?

Floyd - Pink Floyd
Skynard - Lynard Skynard
Purple - Deep Purple.

Can't do that with the groups and band these days? I mean, does anybody
really say, hey are you listening to some Taylor (Which Taylor?) or
crank up the Spears!

So whats some of your favorite 3 word bands of the 70's?