Sunday, November 21, 2010

Book Corner - Finished Reading

Gone Tomorrow by Lee Child
432 pages
Thriller novel/Reacher series

My third Reacher series novel by Lee Child, getting better but as with any book of this type I had a few problems with it. In fact I think my interest in the books are beginning to waiver. Maybe one more, that's it!

John Wayne Doc

Doc MeyerMe circa 1985 at Camp Lejeune probably at LZ (Landing Zone) Blue Bird. One of the rare times that I ever went out into the field, and this was probably just a for a weekend! Of interest the M1 "steel pot" helmet that I'm wearing. Lone replaced by the kevlar helmets. I believe the kevlar helmets were already standard issue at this time. Also the poplin material camouflage uniform, old school. Last but not least the M60 machine gun, again a thing of the past.