Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nice Warm Day and Holy Week Starts

It was a nice warm day, went to the beach to relax and read. It started getting windy as it usually does but the sand was packed so we didn't get sandblasted.
The amusement park was open and all the rides were in full swing.

Next week starts Holy Week, but better known here as tourist week. Tourists from other countries like to go the beaches here one last time before it gets too cold.
Uruguayans on the other hand like to go camping next week.

I get Thursday and Friday off next week so I get a mini-vacation.

Book Corner - Finished Reading

Graveyard of the Atlantic by David Stick
The University of North Carolina Press 1952 Nineteenth printing, May 1987
Hardback 264 pages

I bought this book at a garage sale probably 5 years ago and it has sat on the bookshelf between two countries ever since then. Finally took it down and read it.
The book is about the many shipwrecks along the North Carolina coast and the rescue attempts, good and bad that occurred with them. It was a good read.