Thursday, March 25, 2010

Multimedia Headache Central

docreportMy eMachine computer, receiver and television. Actually I might just get rid of the DVD player as the computer has a DVD player. Note the keyboard and mouse to the right of the center speaker.

This may not be an authorized photo from my wife, we'll see after I post it!

Partial Geek Success

When we got rid of our fixed line ADSL package and went for the wireless dongle I figured no problem, I'll hook it up to our main computer and share out the connection, or so I thought.

Not to get into real deep geek speak, I'll just say that our main computer did not like going from a fresh reinstall to XP Service Pack 3. Fact is I found knowledge base article from Microsoft attesting to my problems are from the Service Pack, that I can't uninstall. So I couldn't use our main computer to share out the connection, for now I would try my netbook.

It took two frustrating nights of trying but I finally nailed it, having to give my other computer a static IP address on its wifi adapter as it wasn't picking one up from the netbook.

Amazingly I am getting 384kb on the shared computer, which isn't bad. The main thing I need to do is test the Skype call quality.

So for you geeks that want to know how to share out your laptop/netbook's wifi connection here is how I did it: