Saturday, August 23, 2008

Long Distance Tech Support

I'm often giving long distance tech support, mostly to family, but this
was a first. I talked Chris through securing her cousins wireless
access point, and I have to hand it to Chris as she pulled it off
keeping me cool and now no more neighbors tapping into her bandwidth!

Strawberry Letter 23 - Brothers Johnson

Heard this song today on the 70's station and got chills! Had to crank up the surround sound and dance around, woo hoo! Crank it up and enjoy!

Lyrics | Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23 lyrics

One Day At The Beach

That's all I wanted when I was home, just a few hours in the waves with
my boogie board, and I got that chance. The ocean water was warm and
the waves although not perfect were rideable, looking forward to going
to the beach here when summer comes around!

Wiped Out

Mi casa es su casa, thats what I told her when I gave her the job to
watch the cat and apartment, well she took it to heart! The morning
after I arrived and went to the pantry for some cereal there wasn't any,
didn't think that Uruguayan kids liked Grape Nuts cereal but guess I was
wrong, thought for sure I had two boxes. Went to make coffee, thought
for sure I had left a kilo, I had enough for one pot. Well, I did tell
her to eat anything in the house and make herself at home : )

The Return To Uruguay

Whats my job? That was my first question when I got to my office, I
didn't know where to start! These computer things look familiar,
probably something to do with that. I'm back in the swing of things,
putting some of the stuff I learned at school to use, for once, LOL!

The weather has been cool, but not overly cold. Today was in the 70's.
Went to the mall to go grocery shopping, a Burger King opened at the
food court. A Whopper meal is 120 pesos, about $6.30USD, really wanted
one but passed. Prices at the grocery store have gone up a little, my
favorite Granny Smith apples have gone up from around 32 pesos per kilo
to 44 pesos, still less expensive than the U.S.

Got a haircut, that went up to, from 100 pesos to 120, still less
expensive than the U.S., same price as a BK Whopper meal : )