Saturday, May 23, 2009

Studying for the CISSP Exam

I don't know how many of my readers are IT folks familiar with the CISSP exam but if you are you know how bad it is.  I am taking it again this summer, studying everyday a little bit more and more.

250 IT security questions in 6 hours.  Thankfully the answers are all multiple choice and you can write in the book, unlike computer based exams where you are given a scrap sheet of paper to take notes.  

Fortunately there is a good amount of study material out there, that and I am familiar with the topics and the exam as I passed it on 2004.  

You don't want to fail this baby at $550 a pop!  There is an incentive for passing the exam as I get a nice pay raise for a certain amount of years, and then have to recertify.

Blood Sausage

I had it for the first time last weekend.  It's not what you expect, it really wasn't that bad, in fact it was rather tasty and good for you, chock full of iron!  I also had some sweet sausage, it's rather odd tasting as you don't expect a sausage to be sweet, it even has beans in it.

Another 3 Day Weekend, Memorial Day

Another 3 day weekend begins, the weather is beautiful.  Lest we forget why the long weekend, Memorial Day.  There will be a ceremony at the British cemetary on Monday honoring the soldiers and sailors buried there.  Little trivia, there are German sailors buried there from the Graf Spree.
The Graf Spree is sunk right here in the River Plate, the superstructure is still visible on clear days.
Some information.

Bad news today as 2 Americans were killed in the Green Zone.  Probably not much news in itself except that it appears that one of the Americans was shot in a vehicle, not good.  I didn't realize while I was there an American was kidnapped from the Green Zone.  I knew quite a bit of insider information and I didn't know that.