Sunday, April 13, 2008

es picante

Chris Knight, hot peppers
We went to the Saturday open air market (Ferria) this morning to get
veggies and such. We found some wonderful red peppers and asked if they
were hot (picante), and the vendor said "muy picante!", good, we like that.

Tonight Chris is in the kitchen and she shows me one on the peppers and
said, "We should have got the smaller peppers, I had one and they aren't
hot at all", so she aims that pepper at my mouth and I take a big bit
and the steam whistle blows from my ears! I look at her and said "These
have a pretty good kick to them" (Understatement), to that Chris
finishes the pepper and says "No they don't", 2 seconds later her eyes
lit up. Unfortunately it made her rather sick as she has stomach problems.

Now would you chomp on one these peppers?

Stupid cat tricks

Chris just showed me a new trick our latest addition to the household
can do. See, we have a small patio with potted plants on it. We keep
the gated door shut so that cats, well, just one cat can't get out
there. There is about a 3" gap between the door and the floor.

This morning Chris had noticed that some of the plants had been dug up,
sign that Tawney had been there, but how?

Much to her surprise she saw Tawney on the back patio batting around a
cat toy. As it turn out, Tawney can turn herself in to a kitty pancake
and slide under the door. Chris demonstrated this by tossing a cherry
tomato onto the patio, Tawney's eyeballs lit up and within a minute she
squashed herself under the patio door to get to her prize.

I have to admit it was pretty funny, but I do hope Tawney fattens up
soon so she doesn't fit under the door! :-D

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Brother can you spare a peso?

The Uruguyan peso is eating up our good ol' dollar these days! The
current exchange rate is 19.45 UYD to the USD, yech! We have a jar full
of peso coins, probably could pay for a small vacation by now!

Now I really second think having a big fat chivito sandwhich at 100
pesos a pop, yeah, that's a $5.00 chivito, a really good, meaty, juicy,
$5 chivito.

Ymmmmmm, chivito!