Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Windy nights

The nights have been very cool and very windy. Right now the wind is
howling at 20+mph, it was like that last night. It is nice though, very
nice breeze blowing through the apartment. Skies were all gray today
with low clouds. Rain is foretasted for the next three days.

Now you see it... Part 2

So I make a trip to the grocery store and needed to get more cat food as
the cats just tore through the Whiskas. It was a small bag, half a
kilo. The Whiskas I had purchased was pollo y leche (Chicken and milk),
I knew they liked it so I wanted to get more. You know where this is going.

Not a single bag on the shelf. Plenty of other Whiska flavors, but it
can be risky. I decided for a 1 kilo bag of atune y sardine (Tuna and
sardine) hoping they would like it.

My fears where quickly quenched when the feeder made it to the floor. I
think the cats are still eating it. I put the old stuff in a zip lock
bag for emergencies.