Sunday, February 17, 2008

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The Doc Report

The Doc Report

Get to know Doc - The Doc tattoo

The famous "Doc" tattoo on my right forearm. Whats the story behind that you ask? Was it some seedy tattoo parlor in Jacksonville NC when you were a Marine?
Maybe he got it at a tattoo parlor in some exotic far off land? It really looks like a jail house tattoo...

Nope, none of that. The year 1981, I had just signed up for the Marines and was waiting to ship out. I had been spending lots of time with my friends, one of them Ken. We go back probably to 1979. Guess whats on his right forearm? A tattoo that says "Ken" that a friend of his gave him before he left Massachusetts (Yes I had to use spell check) for Virginia. I thought, what better way to remember my best friend? I asked him if he could give me a like tattoo on my arm. No problem.

We went to a arts and supply store and bought some India ink, somehow, I don't know I had a bottle of Southern Comfort (I know, horrible nasty stuff).

I thought it was necessary to get pretty tanked up for this hard core tattoo.

Ken proceeded to outline the tattoo with a pen, wrapped some thread around a sewing needle, dipped the needle in the India ink and the fun began.

I got sick from the Southern Comfort and of course wasn't necessary.

Here is a picture of me and Ken before I left for Uruguay.

Doc and Ken summer of 2007, note the famous Doc tattoo

Doc on the radio

Well not exactly.  The past weekend I was listening at home to my favorite Tidewater Virginia classic rock station, 106.9 The Fox, specifically my favorite DJ. Arlo.  Arlo has been on the air since who knows when.

So I decided to send Arlo a nice email.  Wouldn't you know it a few minutes later Arlo says on the air "You've probably heard me say that I get email from all over the world, but this one takes the cake, Doc from Montevideo, Uruguay!" Later on he even gave a "Shout Out" to Doc in Uruguay!

Pretty cool.

He even followed up with an email, I thought that was pretty cool!

This is not my first time doing something like this.  While I was in Sarajevo I picked some obscure classic rock station I think in Idaho and developed a email and chat relationship with the morning dj's there .  They always mentioned me on the air, whats happening to "Doc in Sarajevo".  They even sent me a CD of their comedy routines.