Thursday, June 16, 2011

Book Corner - Finished Reading

Death Traps: The Survival of an American Armored Division in World War II by Belton Cooper
384 pages
Military history

I have always been a military history buff and enjoy first person narratives. I found this book barely staying together but still managed to read it in about four days.

If you are familiar with the tank war of WWII you know the U.S. Army won the battle against German armor because of sheer numbers. The German tanks picked off our tanks like a turkey shoot in most cases.

The author was with a maintenance unit that had to take the battle damaged tanks, repair them (if possible) and send them back into battle. His insight is very interesting.

I'd say this was a good read.

Book Corner - Finished Reading

The Pearl of Kuwait: A Novel of the Gulf War by Tom Paine
310 pages
Military fiction/drama/humor

My thoughtful wife bought this book for me to have something to read on my way to Iraq. It's about Marines and Kuwait (close to Basrah!), should be a perfect for me.

I enjoyed reading the first couple of chapters but then it suffered from the final chapter drag on. I have to say that it started getting very difficult to finish reading the book, but I soldiered on and did.

Judging by the Amazon reviews everyone else seemed to enjoy it. My take, not a good read.