Sunday, November 30, 2008

Book Corner - Finished Reading

The Phony Marine by Jim Lehrer (Of 'The News Hour with Jim Lehrer')
206 pages

A quick refreshing weekend read. I enjoyed it. It's about a man who buys a Silver Star medal and turns himself into a phony Marine. Nice surprise ending.

Why Uruguay?

You would be surprised at the number of Americans who come to Uruguay to retire, or visit and decide to stay and live here. But why?

Well when was the last time you heard about Uruguay in the news? Can you even find it on the map? I'd have to say that for one thing compared to the crime even in my own hometown, the crime here is not that bad. The economy is pretty stable and the prices aren't to bad as a whole.

Interesting article about retiring in Uruguay:

To The Ferria

Decided to go for a walk to the neighborhood Sunday afternoon market. First thing I noticed was all of the trash on the street, must have been windy the night before. It looks terrible, but it will most likely be cleaned up by tomorrow.

I wanted a bag of mani caliente, hot sugared peanuts. I remembered the price was around 18 pesos. I ask a vendor how much and he said 25 pesos, which I knew was the "gringo price". At the other end of the market I find another vendor with larger portions of peanuts for 18 pesos!

Not sunny, at least not now and it was a little cool and windy. Just checked the weather, 69 and 24mph winds expected!