Saturday, April 17, 2010

Book Corner - Finished Reading

The Silent Man by Alex Berenson
Paperback 480 pages
Spy thriller

This is the second novel I have read by the author, the previous being The Ghost War. I tore right through this book in a few days, really enjoyed it. Same spy hero, John Wells, in this book, saved the world again. I'll have to admit, as per my previous review of The Ghost War, the story line is a bit, shall I say, stretched, but enjoyable.

I'm going to have to go with it's a good read for this one.

Book Corner - Quit Reading

Distraction by Bruce Sterling
Paperback 52 pages

Rare for me to post a "Quit Reading" on Book Corner. I really tried to finish reading this book but it was just very hard to get into. The book was written in 1998 and the book is about the United States in 2025. I got lost so many times reading it, that and it's a fairly long book. Judging by the reviews on Amazon most readers gave it good reviews, some people read it twice.

Back to the library shelf with this one for me.

Bonehead Home Networking

In less than 2 weeks my USB WiFi antennae quit working on me. When it was working I wasn't getting the WiFi security I wanted and the connection was spotty at best.

Back to square one. Didn't want to buy another WiFi antennae. And then it hits me, I had the correct component all along! My ADSL router. In less than 5 minutes I plugged in the router (Tucked it out of the way in the entertainment center), ran an Ethernet cable from the PC's Ethernet port to the router, added a static IP address to my PC's network card (Geek speak) using the router as it's gateway and shared out the Wireless broadband connection to use the PC's network card.

End result? When I connect to the wireless broadband network the connection is shared out through the network card into the wireless router where I can now connect with my netbook and Chris laptop using higher WiFi (WPA2) encryption (That's the coffee talking).

I deserve the bonehead geek of the week badge!