Friday, February 22, 2008

Major Blast From The Past

I just got an email via a social networking site (Which I always thought were kind of dumb) from a guy I worked with back in 1981!

We worked at Lynnhaven Mall as the food court garbage guys. Day after day strolling about the food court, talking about life and changing trash bags.

That's what I can publish, LOL : )

We had some crazy times together, he left for a stint in the Navy, me the Marines.

Kind of drifted apart after I went back into the the Marines in 89.

Really glad to hear from him.

SPAM'd again!

AAAAAaaargh! I made some changes to my blog settings and hopefully this will thwart the culprit!

My apologies.

Another long weekend!

Because I had to go to work last Saturday I gained some "comp"
(Compensatory) hours and I am using them tomorrow, so I don't have to go
to work, woo hoo!

Our summer schedule will be ending next month so no more half days on
Friday after that : (

End of summer

I went to the mall today and as summer break is drawing to and end, what
do you think was happening at the mall?
Back to school sales. It was kind of funny as of course it's still
winter back home and the kids are in school.