Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bicycle race

There was a bicycle rtace here in Montevideo over the past couple of days. The street in front of my apartment was closed for the race, the local police kindly told us that by way of their radio loudspeaker this morning, LOL. I was able to pick out a few words and came to the conclusion of what they were saying.
One thing I did find out about taking action photos with a consumer model digital photo, it doesn't work well.
I take one photo, and zoom, the racers are gone! All the while the camera is writing the picture to the flash card.
Here is one of the photos I took.
Here is the link to the photos:
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Book Corner - Finished Reading

Seven Days To Petrograd
Seven Days To Petrograd by Tom Hyman
Published 1988, paperback 355 pages.

So a few pages into this book I was wondering if I would ever finish
reading it. It's set back in 1917 and is a thriller capped with
history. An American assassin is on a sealed train from Zürich to
Petrograd with Lenin on board and he has to kill him while the train is
in Germany. So we all know what happens.
All in all I enjoyed this book, very suspenseful!

Feliz dia de la madre

Happy Mothers Day to the Mom's out there!

Getting ready for winter

Our Uruguayan gato (Cat), Tawny is growing her winter fur, she looks
like a real fur ball now. Our other cats on the other hand will just
have to brave it!
They've played in the snow which is one thing that Tawny has yet to sink
her paws into!

Getting cold

The other day as I walked to work I came to the conclusion that it's
getting cold here! Let me rephrase that, it is cold here! I don't
recall a in between time either, it just kind of went from warm to cold!

Fortunately the heat is on in the apartment, we don't have control of
the heat, the apartment management does. It's kind of all or none has
the heat.
I'm not sure if I had mentioned it but our floors are heated and our
heat source. It's nice, but hard to maintain a comfortable temperature
so sometimes we have to open windows.