Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Big Plastic Buddha

Just an update on the apartment Buddha. Gave him a knock and sure enuff, plastic! I'll take a picture and update as soon as I can.

Welcome Back

Wanted to extend a warm welcome to my wife who after a long hiatus of not reading my blog has recently returned to reading it and editing it with gusto. I will probably get in trouble for posting this.

I'd also like to thank all of my faithful readers who have followed the Doc Report since its transition from email to blog format.

Where I had lost many of my original readers, I have picked up a whole world, literally, of new readers which is pretty neat.

Which remind me it's probably time to repeat the Doc Report manifesto. Okay, there will be grammar mistakes, English comp wasn't one of my best subjects. For that matter, not sure I even took it. I try to not to go long periods of time without updating my blog, but every now and then I will hit a slump. I do moderate my comments so please don't spam me.

But most of all I am happy that your reading my blog!

Long Bumpy Ride

I volunteered today to be an unofficial "reporter" of sorts for the election. I went on a ride 45 minutes into the interior of the country. This by itself does not sound like much but when it's 45 minutes of bumpy roads, passing buses, avoiding pedestrians and just about everything else Sri Lanka has to throw at you, it can be one fun experience.

Fortunately our driver was very professional and handled the 5 speed armored Toyota Landcruiser with ease on the roads. I'd really love one myself, a diesel 5 speed Toyota Landcruiser, never find one in the States, but nice to dream. It doesn't have to be armored ; 0

Well the funny thing about this trip is I'm thinking, I must be the only Westerner out here, I can't even pronounce half the names of the towns and on our way back I notice a western tourist couple resting on bicycles taking pictures of a river. So much for that.