Monday, April 7, 2008

Getting cooler

I was going to write how it's getting cooler here, but mostly at night.
Today it was 80 degrees : )
It was also very windy. I woke up and I could hear the wind howling and
see the palm trees branches bending this way and that.
We didn't go to the beach as with the wind we would have been
sandblasted :-D

Cat food dilemna

There has been no cat food in the pouch for well over two months now.
The cats have not been happy. Chris has been giving them the occasional
can of tuna fish and that has keeps them content in the meantime.

Not only is there no Wiskas pouch, but nor is there Wiskas in the can.
The grocery store had some strange cat food in the can that I tried with
the cats and they showed there displeasure fairly quickly.

The cats haven't run away yet!

Book Corner

Finished reading:

Ops Center by Tom Clancy, I've never read a Tom Clancy novel, this one
was pretty good, but I don't see me reading anymore. I always thought
that Clancy novels were to cliche'.

Sandbox - various writers -, blog entries by soldiers in
Iraq and Afghanistan.

Speaking of Iraq, they've had some pretty bad days in my old stomping
grounds, the Green Zone. This weekend, 2 killed and 17 wounded, that's
4 Americans killed there in as many months : (