Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oranges and Banana's

I have been on an Oranges kick lately, used to be Apples, but the prices
has jumped up. I can buy a kilo of nice almost seedless Oranges for 19
pesos a kilo, that's less than a dollar for almost two pounds : )

The price of Banana's have gone up as well, around 35 pesos a kilo.
They are really huge Ecuadorean Banana's and although the price is
killing me, I still buy them.

Picasa 3 Beta test

Google's handy picture organizer has come out with a new Beta version it now includes a movie maker. I have been
playing with it a little, trying to find the latest features. Another
new feature is that you can Geo tag the photos to Google Earth, in that
someone searching Google earth can find your photos. So far I like it,
I think when it comes to photo editing Picasa is easy to use and
integrates with Google's web albums, give it a try!

Howling winds again

What crazy weather! We have enjoyed the past couple weekends with
sunshine and warm weather and today, howling winds, gusts of 35mph and
break out the light jackets as the temperature is 59 degrees! Just like
the weather back in the States!