Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Travel,Food,Colombo,Sri Lanka,Curry,Buildings,DocReport,Doc ReportIf you click on this thumbnail you can see the fire escape and glass ceiling that I was talking about. The veiling is throughout the building and is cracked and leaking just about everywhere.

On Sundays there is a pretty big cleaning crew here pretty much from floor to, ceiling. I was shocked to see a barefoot guy with a squeegee balanced on one of the metal bars going across the ceiling cleaning the glass.

I pondered if the cracks were from the building shifting or one of the cleaners taking his chances.

I imagine one of those pains of glass taking a tumble sooner or later.

Look Up!

Every morning when I walk to work I am walking against plenty of people going in the other direction (Most likely riding the train) and I wondered if they were heading to the building I live in.

See as I walk in or out of the building I often see an office directory and have pondered "Where are all of these offices?" That and when I was eating at the ground floor restaurant I look out through the glass ceiling (Another blog post in itself) and saw outside fire escape stairs, and again I wondered "Where are those in relation to my apartment?".

So today I get off work, walking back to my apartment, going against a many people walking in the other direction when I look up at my apartment which I have many times before, but this time I realized something, there's another high rise building next to it! Many floors higher than the apartment building. Actually the apartment building is attached to this building, it just kind of looks separate. And then I realized, duh, thus where all the offices are and where most of these people work.

I'm surprised I never noticed it before.