Monday, October 6, 2008

Google Chrome Cool Down

Well my days of limited excitement about Google Chrome are quickly
coming to an end. Fast? Definitely. Easy on resources? Yes. But, it
just doesn't have the bells and whistles that I'm looking for. I've
switched to Opera for a few weeks now and haven't opened up Firefox or
Internet Explorer. The nice thing about Opera is it's built in RSS
reader which is by far better than it's competitors. Give it a try!

A Belated One Year Anniversary Shout Out

I called my daughter yesterday and she calmly reminded me that her one
year wedding anniversary had passed by. I felt like a schmuck,
especially since I did make myself a calender reminder, but somehow I
missed it.

Happy anniversary Daniel and Kristina and best wishes on another new
year together! :-)

Windy Days

On my walk to work this morning nothing appeared out of place, but on my
walk back I could tell that there was very windy while I was working.
Although Montevideo is a very pretty city when it gets windy the hidden
trash comes out. Trash everywhere, not so pretty. On a good note it
will all be cleaned up tomorrow, the city does a very good job at
picking up the mess quickly.