Sunday, May 3, 2009

Three Day Weekend Ends

The weekend is coming to a close, we didn't do anything and I take the blame for that, I should have planned well in advance.  But guess what?  We have another 3 day weekend coming up this month so I get another chance!

It was nice and warm all weekend, well, a little cool towards the evenings but otherwise very pleasent.

Nice to see the leaves changes colors and all over the sidewalks.  I should take pictures!

The Source Is Revealed

Many mornings I wake up to the sound of a scooter pulling away from the apartments, always around the same time, oh-dark-thirty.  For my non-military readers that's military jargon for pretty darn early in the morning, in this case around 5:30am.  The scooter sounds like it's groaning when accelerating, I can hear it go down the street.  I knew that someone must be deivering something, probably newspapers.  

Well on my way to the bus this morning I see a kid grab a stack of newspapers off of the back of a scooter and go inside an apartment building,  come out and got on the scooter, when he started it and pulled away I knew exactly where I had heard that sound before!  There was my culprit!