Monday, May 25, 2009

Weather Report

I can't trust the weather forecasts at all!  If I were to believe them today would have been a stay in bed day, rainy and dreary.  Instead it's nice and warm and the sun is shining bright with just a few puffy clouds in the sky : )

Yesterday a fog rolled in and covered everything, it was a little brisk, maybe sweater weather at most.

Book Corner - Finished Reading

The 47th Samurai by Stephen Hunter
Paperback 461 pages

In typical Doc Report fashion I'll just say that I enjoyed it.  Of course you can always go to Amazon for good reviews :  )   It involved Samurai swords and a former Marine who kicks some butt, what more can you ask for!

Riding in cars with boys by Beverly Donofrio
Paperback 204 pages

What?  Yes I read the book, never saw the movie.  An easy one day read.  It was a good interesting story.

Memorial Day

A special thanks to all who are serving, to all those who have served and of course to the families of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.