Thursday, November 6, 2008

Skype Beta 4.0.6

I installed the latest Skype Beta on my PC. Wow, what a total
difference, new interface new everything. It's much more of a resource
hog that it's predecessors.
Only tried it out a couple of times so yet to make an opinion.

Any day now

I expect to see the cruise ships start pulling into port, it's so nice
and warm here. There have been lots of tour buses about the city,
mostly from Brazil and Argentina, which I find amusing. They come from
the big countries to look at the little country, staring out the windows
thinking "Hey, they look just like us!"

It Happened Again

I went to the mall yesterday and wouldn't you know it they have their
Christmas decorations out, Christmas creep as I like to call it. Well
last year they put on a totally neutral and confusing display, they did
it again this year. This years theme? Polar bears and girls in fairy
costumes with wings. Last year it was some mystery magical woman whom I
wasn't sure what all she was supposed to be connecting with.

No Papa Noel (Santa Claus), no baby Jesus and nativity scene, just Polar
bears. They do have Christmas trees but even them are void of any
Christmasy theme.
Just plain weird!