Sunday, March 29, 2009

Skype Button

I just added a Skype button to my blog, if your're a Skype user and see me online send me a IM or try calling.

Bus Talk

I had been paying 14 pesos to ride one bus, connect with another for another 14 pesos. Sometimes I noticed passengers handing the bus driver a ticket and the bus driver handing it back, they didn't pay anything. Oddly while surfing for other expat blogs in Uruguay I came across a blog post about riding the bus and that there was a "transbordo" ticket that allowed you to ride on two buses on the same line, but how do I get one? So I asked and found out I had to ask for a transbordo ticket and specify the bus I would be connecting with.

One would say "transbordo con cien cuatro" in my case, which means a transbordo ticket with the 104 bus. I tried it the first time, the guy nodded his head but when I got to my seat I realized it wasn't a transbordo ticket. Since then I have mastered getting the all elusive transbordo ticket, only I guess I'm not rolling my r's good enough and usually the driver or money taker asks "como?" (what?).

Hot Hot Hot

88 today and sunny! The beaches were packed as expected. Hope it stays like this for a bit longer.