Tuesday, February 26, 2008

#1 Video

I have the #1 spot for "New Years Eve Montevideo"
As if this is something that is Googled frequently, LOL

Cruise ships

One of the neat things about walking to work in the morning is watching the cruise ships pulling into port.

This morning there was a bit of a haze over the horizon and a big cruise ship was off in the distance, it was pretty cool sight!

Buy it when you can

One thing about shopping overseas is you have to buy it when you can! It's one of the first things I pointed out to Chris when we went shopping. If there was something on the shelves and she was buying one, I'd tell her she might as well get two or more because you never know if it would be on the shelves the next time we went shopping.

I've talked about cat food before. The last time I went shopping the grocery store had none of the stuff the cats like, only some strange looking stuff in a can.

I took my chances.

It didn't look so bad, I put some in the bowls. Well it hasn't gone over very well. They ate some of it for a couple of days, now they just look at the bowls and walk away.

Maybe this week the other stuff will come in.

For the record

Number of times I've gone to work with my zipper down (That I've noticed):
Last year: Twice
This year: Once (So much for zero).