Sunday, October 12, 2008

Church work day and riding the bus

I took the bus to church yesterday (More on that) as it was a work day.
I totally wore the wrong clothes, long sleeve black t-shirt and jeans.
Turned out to be a pretty nice sunny day and I was sweating. Spent
almost 5 hours shoveling rocks from a big pile and either throwing into
places that needed it or filling a wheelbarrow. Couldn't complain as
the gentleman that was helping me was 59 and he shoveled more than I
did. As expected I did end up hurting my back but after some Motrin and
a hot bath it took care of itself, my shoulder hurt that night though.

Now previously I had been getting to church by taxi, this costs around
250 pesos one way, at a 20 peso per USD exchange rate around $12.50, add
a tip, and closer to $14. That's one way. It was starting to hurt the
ol' wallet. I had tried to learn the bus system but it did sound
confusing. Well the associate pastor at the church has a program with
all of the bus routes and suggestions on how to get from point A to
point B. So I take a taxi to the nearest bus stop that for the bus I'm
going to take as it's a far off, this costs around 55 pesos with tip,
get on the 104 bus to Carassco for 13.50 pesos and walk the rest of the
way, beats 250 pesos!