Monday, March 22, 2010

Multi Media = Multi Headaches

Ever since I have received all of the parts to make my multimedia center, things haven't exactly fallen into place.

The video card installed easily enough but there are some annoying pop up error when the computer starts. I found the fix on a forum, just need to get around to it.

The wireless antennae was a little buggy at first but after downloading the latest drivers it has been doing a great job.

I have hardly any hard drive space. I used to think of that as totally unnecessary, but now that I have taken up downloading certain files, I realized how quickly hard drive space fills up.

Initially I setup my computer in one of the side compartments in the entertainment center, problem was some of the cords were to short and they stretched this way and that. It looked like spaghetti and I decided the thing to do was move it closer the receiver. So I disconnected everything and moved it closer to the receiver, big mistake. The receiver by itself generates a good amount of heat, the computer generates a good amount of heat, put them in the same compartment and I have an oven! Time for Plan "C" and move it again.

My ADSL broadband, fugget about it. I put in a request to have it disconnected.