Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cricket in Her Crying Place

I wrote about how our older cat Cricket has taken to random crying fits at night, although really this is not entirely true as we can be in the living room and she is right alongside us and she'll start crying.

But in particular she has this peculiar habit of getting under a table, against the wall, facing our bedroom and crying. I can only imagine that she thinks the table is affording her some sort of protection I don't know. We have nicknamed the place, well her "Crying Place".

Chris wakes up very early and she feeds Cricket. Well I think her kitty clock is just a little out of synch and she thinks whenever she awakes it's feeding time.

She has been good for the past couple of nights, but just when I least expect it.

New and Improved(?) Doc Report

I have been meaning to change to a new blog template for what seems like years, probably close to it.

I spent some time looking at free Blogger templates but decided to go with's own template designer and I was really glad the transition didn't break any of my old widgets.

I need to play around with it a little bit more, rearrange things etc.

Now I need to start posting some fresh material.