Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gadget Review - VoFree VoIP (Skype) Adpatar

What is it? It allows you to use an ordinary home phone as your Skype
phone. I have been making my Skype calls in front of the PC or laptop
which isn't always convenient. We have a cordless phone and it I
remembered seeing these devices. There were several on eBay and I was a
bit skeptical but took the plunge, it was only $26 with shipping.

Installation was easy enough, plug in the box to a USB port attach the
cord to your phone and your phone line (You can still use your phone to
make regular calls).

What the directions failed to mention was the extra steps to get it
configured with Skype but being the geek that I am I was able to solve
that fairly quickly.

The directions on how to use it also was wrong, but I was able to figure
that out.

I was also a little uneasy because the product was made in China, but my
anti virus hasn't screamed yet.

Made some test calls back and forth with Chris and the quality was very

So if your a Skype user and want to break free from the PC give it a shot!

Woo Hoo I'm Page Rank 2

Unless your a blog geek you probably have no idea what I'm talking
about, and still I'm not sure if I know what it all means. I checked my
Page Rank and I have gone from a 0 for the longest time to a 2 (Out of 10).
You can read about Page Rank here:

and check your blog or web site here

Book Corner- finished reading

Air Battle Force by Dan Brown

The third book I've read from this author and the last. I thought I'd
like his epic tales of air superiority with neat sounding futuristic
weapons, but I guess I wasn't.
Not that it was a bad book, it was a good read, but not for me : )

Blog catch up

So here's a short summary of my past week:

My son visited me, his first trip to a foreign country.

We took a tourist bus to Punta del Este.  I had never took the bus so it was an adventure, mostly because of the language barrier.  Managed to find the right bus company, buy the tickets and make it to the bus with minutes to spare.  Our visit to Punta wasn't that great as we got off at the wrong bus terminal in Maldonado which put us far from the beach, but we ended up walking to Punta which then turned into another adventure as we became somewhat lost after finding our way back to the road the bus terminal was on (Wasn't sure which direction to turn).  A taxi solved that problem!

All in all a good time was had.  He found himself saying "Si" and "Gracias" quite a bit around the apartment by weeks end.