Friday, October 9, 2009

Agua Con Gas

This weeks "Ask Doc" comes from Chris K. of Virginia Beach, VA.
She writes: "Can you find mineral water in Sri Lanka?". Well I'll find out! So I went across the street to Keels Super Market (sic) and browsed the beverage aisle.
I came across some Elephant brand (Popular for their ginger beer) Soda, just that, all it says "Soda" and it was clear. I didn't even think of looking at the ingredients. Bought a small bottle and put it in the fridge.

The test.

Is it mineral water? Not exactly but it tastes good and bubbly, it wasn't club soda and the ingredients were carbonated water. They did have 1 and maybe 2 liter bottles.

So Chris K. I hope that answers your question!

Tourists and food news.

It didn't take me long to figure out who the tourists are and who the expats are. The expats seem to dress a little more business casual, the tourists are much more casual and have that doe in the headlights look.

I was watching a group of around 5 tourists roam the food court going to each vendor and looking everything over, only to stop and order at Pizza Hut Express! I almost got up and smacked them upside the head! You come to Sri Lanka to eat at Pizza Hut Express?

I on the other hand found a new fav' vendor. Got a delicious Sri Lanka meal and a bottle of water all for around $1.25.

I tried a new place for dinner. They claim to serve Thai food. Well I got this chicken and rice dinner with fried egg and vegetables on the side, with a bottle of water $2.60. It was delicious and a "little spicy", I couldn't finish it all. All the while there is a gentleman playing tunes on a electric piano and singing songs. I'm thinking, replace the paper napkin with a cloth one, put this setting back home and this was an easy $14 meal.

I managed to stay away from the ice cream place today although yesterday I fell prey to a banana split.