Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hotel fun

My first two weeks were fairly quiet, but now I have someone who is waking up pretty early and I hear his/her radio going off. Then I have loud televisions and door slammers to deal with.
What's happened to my neighborhood?

Still nice and hot here, well duh it is summertime! I need to get as much sun as I can before I make the trip south, really south, South America south.

How to pass a Microsoft exam

First study until your brain melts. Study until you can't stand to look at any of the material anymore. The morning of the exam drink plenty of coffee. While taking the exam keep rubbing your face in your hands, sigh frequently, reread the questions multiple times, fold your arms and lean back.

When you get to the last question and the "Are you sure you want to end this exam" dialogue pops up, do click on it while your heart races faster. Will it say "Congratulations" or will it say "Sorry".

Thank goodness for me I got the Congratulations page.

Long overdue updates

Greetings! Still here in Nowheresville, VA. It's boring. First part of training is over.
Grabbed a rental car and made the trip south to see family. Forgot what it was like to be stuck on I-64 traffic in Tidewater Virginia, it didn't take me long to remember.

Got a chance to have some of my favorite pizza, ChiCho's with my Dad. Now I need to have some Pho' soup (Yes that's redundant, pho means soup in Vietnamese) and all of my cravings will be satisfied.

One and a half more weeks of training to go.