Sunday, June 22, 2008

9:30 PM and the coughs begin

I've been sick for a few days now, not feeling so bad during the day, but having a really bad hacking cough at night that keeps me from sleeping. Was hoping it wouldn't be so bad tonight, but it's already started. Ugh : (

Tawny the veggie kitty

Remember Tawny, our Uruguayan kitty? Funny thing about her, she loves lettuce. We discovered this one day after Chris washed some lettuce and laid it out on the dining room table on a towel to dry. Low and behold Tawny is on the table with a piece of lettuce, we shooed her off, but this wasn't the last time. So the next time Chris washed some lettuce she threw a piece to Tawny, but that didn't stop her from jumping on the table to grab another piece. Now, Tawny watches Chris wash the lettuce as she knows there is going to be a piece for her. When Chris throws pieces of lettuce in the trash, Tawny goes looking for it.

I'll try to get a picture of Tawny and her lettuce and post it.

Palm froms

Chris corrected me, not palm tree leaves, but palm froms. So, here are some they fell off of the tree in from of our apartment, now picture the entire median covered in dead palm from from one end of the other. Probably would have made a better picture, but the weather was really nasty that day.

Homemade marshmallow fluff

All I can say is YUM! We can't find marshmallows here, and definitely not marshmallow fluff (Which I love with peanut butter as a sandwich). So Chris took it upon herself to make some, only it required corn syrup, yet another item you can't find here. So she was going to make the corn syrup but decided against it.

Well to our good fortune a colleague was leaving and bestowed upon Chris 2 bottles of corn syrup! The marshmallow fluff recipe was on the counter the next morning.

I am right now enjoying a very warm apple crumble with flax seeds covered in gooey marshmallow fluff! YUM!