Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ice Road Truckers revisited

I just went to the History Channel's official "Ice Road Truckers" web site.
Click the Frozen Oddities link , incredible!

Ice Road Truckers

I've been watching "Ice Road Truckers" on the History channel and it's
really neat. If you have ever watched "The Deadliest Catch" on the
Discovery channel it's much like that.

They show you grid points on where the truckers are, how many loads
they've made, how much money they're making and of course on-board cameras.

These guys are some brave souls! It's incredible listening to the ice
crack as they drive these trucks, some weighing as much as 60,000 pounds
across these lakes!

Check it out if you can.

Another beautiful day

The weekend started off with plenty of rain and howling winds on
Friday. Yesterday a little cloudy, then today, beautiful! I love this

Back home in Virginia, cold! But I'll get my share when winter rolls
around here!

Book Corner - Finished Reading

Lost Soldiers by James Webb. After reading Field Of Fire this book
almost felt like a letdown, but it was a good read. I don't want to
ruin it for anyone interested in reading it, but I'll just say it's
about an American expat who goes to Vietnam in search of some MIA's.

The neat thing about the book is that it takes place in modern day
Vietnam and many of the scenes the author describes reminds of the week
or so that I spent there.

Honestly, given the chance, Chris and I both would like to go there : )