Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mickey D's Sri Lankan Style

So after the movie we decided to go for a walk along Galle Road. I wanted a roti which was easy enough as there are many stands open late at night, it was just a matter of finding the one I wanted to buy from.

Chris knew of a specific stand that she thought I might like. We found it and was hoping to get a certain type of roti, vegetable and cheese, but they wouldn't make it for me and tried to sell me other food items. I then tried to get them to make a me a cheese roti which they had displayed on the menu, but for whatever reason they said they couldn't make that (No cheese maybe?).

We left that stand and headed for the arches, the golden arches that is.

The McDonald's was open and not crowded, another thing was that it was nice and cool and very clean. As with pretty much every restaurant you go to it was an all guy staff. They spoke good English, all wore ties and they were very friendly and attentive. The nice thing is that they brought the meal to our table. I ordered a Big Mac meal.

I know the question you're asking, did it taste the same? Absolutely, right down to the two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun and the french fries too!

They don't have a drive through window, instead in the road next to McDonald's they have the menu painted on a wall and you drive up and park your car and someone comes out with a radio to call in your order.

Somewhere buried deep in my blog is my posting about the McDonald's in Montevideo. Again, very clean, nice friendly staff, but they did have girls and guys working behind the counter. I think there was something like thirteen McDonald's in Montevideo. I think there are only two, maybe three in all of Colombo.

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